Tried & Tested Vendor Base
We at Global Traders Jaipur have a very strong vendor base covering the
whole of India. Each vendor has been shortlisted only after careful
selection. Their facilities have been evaluated, their performance
over the years has been checked in terms of quality & delivery.
This has been done to ensure that the products you select
reach your warehouses/ stores in time and in the required quality.


Your Advantage : Save time and energy looking for the right vendors.

Product knowledge

Our team of technicaly qualified professionals have hands-on work
experience in handling variety of products:

Hard-lines like Hand-tools, Handicrafts, Kitchenware, Natural Stone, Outdoor fashion…

Soft-lines like Curtains/ Drapes, Cushions, Floor Covering in Cotton, Silk, Wool, Jute…, Door Mats, Tassels & Tie-backs, Sheet Sets, Bedding, Towels….

Your Advantage : You get the right products in the first go.

Product Testing
We from time to time, visit facilities of all major testing labs in India. This gives us a fair understanding of the products testing methods and helps us achieve better standards.

Your Advantage :
You get the right quality products.

Factory Certification
Once you decide to work with us, we would evaluate factories as per the guidelines laid by you. Only once the factories meet your requirements would any product be offered to you for considerations.

Your Advantage : Assurance of working with the right factories.

Our team of dedicated merchants would assist you in :


Selection of factory

Negotiate best prices

Setting standards & specification

Negotiate best shipdates

Regular Update on all orders

Track the shipments

Apart from this the merchants would update you on the new product developments, market trends, competition, new marketing concepts, packaging. They would also assist buyers' visiting India by getting vendors to develop new range of products, follow up on the selection / sampling, ensure that the right samples reach you.

Your Advantage :
* Single window communication between you and the nation-wide vendors base.
* We educate vendors to your work system, no repetition of work - you save time & communication costs.
* Full office support here in India for faster, cheaper, simpler & safe business.

Buying Trip Preparations


Special Development

We co-ordinate with suppliers to develop a range of products especially for the buyers trip. This ensures that the buyer gets to see the right products from the right suppliers, thus maximizing their sourcing efforts in a shorter span of time.


New Product Development

On regular basis we get suppliers to develop range of products based on the trends prevailing. These are sent to buyers from time to time or kept for review during their visits.


Travel Arrangements

We would make appropriate hotel bookings, co-ordinate supplier meetings, arrange for all domestic travel.


Support & Sampling

We would accompany the buyer and take notes of the selection made, changes requested, follow-up on the changes requested, check / ensure that all samples submitted by suppliers are as per your requirements so that the right samples reach you.

Your Advantage : You save time & cost. Higher product turnaround and efficient buying trips.

Quality Auditors / Inspectors
Our dedicated team of auditors carries out On-line & Final inspections at supplier facilities. They ensure that the products are being produced as per the specification laid down by your company. They also keep in constant touch with the suppliers to ensure timely delivery.
Your Advantage : Assurance of meeting company & legal quality requirements.

Packaging & Packing
We consider that a product packaged well - sells well! In order to provide world-class service to our principles, we have a select band of corrugated box manufacturers, packers & printers who have been approved by us after thorough evaluation. This is to ensure that all is of international standard that would meet your expectations.

Display Systems
We provide assistance in developing In-Store Display system like:


Special Cut-cases for promotions or displays


Special Pallet promotions for rugs or Door Mats - ready to sell in store


Off Shelf Cut-Case promotions (near cash Aisle) could also be designed to meet your specific needs for fast moving, high profit products


Design Consultants
Our Home Furnishing Design Consultants travel widely to keep themselves appraised of the latest color & trends. We could also assist you by developing a complete new range or a range specific to your taste or requireacments.

Market Information
We would on regular basis update you of the competition, their retail prices on specific products.