Vendor Profile


Gives detail of each vendor.

Factory Evaluation Report

Supplier facilities are evaluated on the basis of certain key aspects, ensuring that the factories meet international standards.

Product Info Sheet

Each product is offered on a standarised detailed form.

Internal Order Processing Sheet

Our merchants track your shipment regularly.

Specification Sheet
Specifications of each products are conveyed in detail at the time the order is confirmed to the vendor.
Production Schedule

Vendors are required to give details of the production schedules, order processing alerts & On-line / Final inspections are set accordingly. This enables us to foresee any delays at an every stage. Thus helping us take alternate /corrective measures well in time, there by avoiding delays in shipment.

Inspection Report


We have inspection reports for each category of products we handle. The inspection report are elaborate and prompt our QA members while carrying out inspections. Thus eliminating any guesswork from decision making.

Inspection Certificate

A vendor is authorised to ship out goods only once our QA department issues this certificate.

Order Tracking Sheet

Our job doesn't end here, all shipments are tracked till the time they reach the final destination.